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Sassafras Valley Farm Embden geese are raised from hatching to maturity on free range and natural pasture on our farm in the valley of the Gasconade River.

In many cases, the phrase "free range" implies a combination of limited access to natural forage coupled with a significant amount of supplemental food from other sources. 

However, at Sassafras Valley Farm we raise our geese on free range and natural pasture in the same traditional way that domesticated waterfowl have been raised since their original descent from their ancestors several thousand years BC.  

At Sassafras Valley Farm, our philosophy is to minimize reliance on supplemental outside food sources through a combination of “Low Impact Sustainable Agriculture” (LISA) practices and scientific natural pasture planting and rotation processes.

Sassafras Valley Farm geese are raised at a population density of less than 36 per acre in a chemical free, pesticide free and hormone free environment. Our fields are carefully planted in forage that reflects their foods of origin and the local microclimate. 

Sassafras Valley Farm geese thrive on a diet of pure artesian well water, natural grasses, clover, trefoil, dandelion, and crabgrass. To add variety and nutrition, we also supply them with our own seasonal vegetables, fruits and grains. Every step is taken to provide a steady diet of seasonal, all natural, and balanced nutrition.

Predator control (typically coyotes, feral dogs, and hawks) is accomplished through the efforts of several Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs rather than by trapping or poisoning.

Due to our unique husbandry practices, Sassafras Valley Farm geese are significantly lower in fat than other commercially raised domesticated waterfowl resulting in a distinctively rich flavor and texture.

Holiday Goose has been a centuries-old tradition in many cultures. Unfortunately in the United States availability of dressed geese for Holiday meals has become limited due to the difficulty of raising them in high density confinement.

In addition to fresh frozen whole dressed Embden geese we are also offering whole  smoked geese, precooked and ready to serve after thawing or reheating.

All Sassafras Valley Farm geese are humanely processed in a USDA certified facility and available frozen for shipment throughout the United States and through retail outlets at selected sites in the Hermann and Saint Louis Missouri area.

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Revisit the tradition of goose for the Holidays with a Sassafras Valley Goose.

Sassafras Valley Farm is proud to be cerified by Animal Welfare Approved 

Also a proud member of:

The Osage County Agritousim Council

 Missouri Rhine Valley Association