Wild Sturgeon and Paddlefish caviar from Missouri

Very few people are aware that there is a long history of commercial fishing in Missouri rivers dating back to the original French settlers. This craft is still pursued by a handful of dedicated river men who continue to supply freshly caught fresh water fish such as Buffalo, Catfish, and Carp.

In addition to these food fish, a limited number of wild Hackleback Sturgeon and Paddlefish are also caught each year. During a short season from October through May, as part of a highly regulated and sustainable licensed fishery program, wild Sturgeon and Paddlefish are netted to process their roe into caviar.

As part of our program to partner with local specialty food producers from Gasconade and Osage Counties, Sassafras Valley Farm has been lucky enough to develop a relationship with a local licensed commercial fisherman with 27 years experience in taking Hackleback Sturgeon and Paddlefish.

This limited, seasonal, catch is brought in live to a local processor to convert the roe into caviar. Processing fresh roe into caviar is an art involving thoroughly washing and screening the roe clean and separate the eggs. Washing is followed by careful salting of the roe with sea salt and final curing.

Wild Hackleback Sturgeon and Paddlefish caviar has been compared favorably to Caspian Sea Osetra and Sevruga caviar and has gained a wide acceptance in the European market.

This local Missouri product has only been available in limited quantities to chefs and fine restaurants.

However, Gasconade Wild Sturgeon and Paddlefish caviar is now available through the Sassafras Valley Farm website and secure shopping cart.


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