Our Animals

Belle A Great Pyrenees LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog) rescued after being abandoned in the Ozarks. She protects the geese from predators like coyotes, roaming dogs and hawks. She earns her weight in kibble every day. Video of her getting ready to go to work in the morning:

An English Cocker Spaniel trained in Rally O and agility. A bit sharp and snarky. My constant companion. Energetic and lots of fun.

Ted An English Springer Spanieladopted fromthe Anti Cruelty Society in Chgo. He spends a lot of time sleeping or perched on a high point to oversee the farm yard.

An American Cocker Spaniel, adopted from Franklin County Humane Society in Mo. Sugar sweet but a bit predatory with birds. I know, she's looking at her butt.

My blind "Cur Dog," snatched off the highway. Possibly the nicest dog in the world. Really, he is the kindest soul. Now I think everyone should have a blind dog. They teach you about patience and bravery.

KitKat Black cat who likes to go for rides to town in the the truck. Acts like a dog. Everyone tries to steal him from me... from the vet to my sister.

Beast One of my two ganders (male goose) who has a harem of three geese; Beauty & two others and is alsoin love with Belle, the LGD. He preens her & vibrates his neck against her- a sure sign of love for a goose.

Gustav My other breeder gander who has one mate, GiGi (Gustav's Girl) and thinks I'm his mom. He cant help it. Geese are just hardwired to think that whoever they see first upon emerging from their shell, is their momma.

RIR's My flock of Rhode Island Red Chickens; one rooster who will probably die young & end up in a stew pot because he's so mean and 10 hens who lay beautiful brown eggs that I eat every day, toss to the dogs for additional fresh protien and sell to the pie baker in town and my mom's hairdresser.

Guineas Possibly the world's dumbest birds, I started out with a total of 29 and now have 6. I expect to replenish the flock every year. They are used to keep ticks down and do a good job of it, but lay their eggs in the grass that grows in the driveway.